About Us

History of Creek Bend


In the summer of 2013, First Baptist Church in Midlothian, Texas, conducted a community-wide survey to see what the greatest needs were in our community. A picture of our town became clearer, and it was a picture of a people who had hidden struggles in their lives. People wanted a place to turn to, a safe haven where they could reach out for help. The need for a community counseling center quickly rose to the top of the list. And so in the fall of that year, FBC partnered with counselors in the area to plan construction of such a place. The members of FBC made generous sacrifices, committed to meeting the Midlothian area's need. Construction was approved, and in February 2015, the Creek Bend Center for Counseling opened its doors.


About Christian Counseling

Creek Bend is a Christian counseling center. We are in the business of equipping people for life through professional counseling from the Christian perspective. By offering therapy and education, we strive to help people see themselves and others as God does - thus enabling individuals to make the changes they seek.

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Creek Bend Licensed Counselors are independent and are not a part of the paid staff at FBC Midlothian.  They operate on a sliding fee scale range from $125 to $75 a session.  They are based on 0.1% of the client’s annual household income.  In other words if a household income is 75K or less, the session is $75.  If it is $90K, the session is $90 and so forth with incomes of 125K or more being $125 per session.  

Members of FBC Midlothian pay a flat rate of $75 per session.

Creek Bend Intern Counselors follow the same scale but their minimum fee is $50 a session.  FBC members pay a flat rate of $50 per session for seeing an Intern.